Support Modification Attorneys in Lake County, Illinois

If you are a payor of child support or spousal support, you may already know that changes in your life (such as loss of employment, health issues, or other disruptions) may render your support obligation difficult or even impossible to pay. Additionally, under the recently revised child support law in Illinois, a significant increase in the support recipient's income may also constitute a substantial change in circumstances that could allow support to be modified. Similarly, if you are a child support or spousal support recipient, you are likely well aware that children's needs tend to increase as they get older. It may also come to your attention that your former spouse has gotten a substantial raise at work or obtained more lucrative employment. When these life changes occur, it is critical that you present the change of circumstances to the court immediately so that the court has the opportunity to modify these obligations.

At the Law Offices of Stuart A. Reid P.C., we are highly experienced in the handling of support modification cases, both from the payor's and the payee's perspectives. We can help you obtain a prompt and equitable adjustment to your support obligations where the law allows.